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Spring Student Economics Seminar
April 6th-10th 2014


Sen. Rand Paul Speaking at the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies on US Aid to the Middle East

Does the Middle East Need U.S. Aid? Implications for Israeli Security and Prosperity

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Marijuana Legalization Would Generate Over 1.6 Billion Shekel Annually For Israeli Economy

Legalization and resulting taxation of cannabis would generate over 1.6 billion shekel for the Israeli economy, according to a position paper published today by JIMS.

According to statistics revealed in the study, the black market for cannabis in Israel alone is worth 2.5 billion shekels annually. Taxing it at rates similar to cigarettes would therefore lead to an infusion of 950 million shekel to the national treasury in addition to the over 700 million shekel in cost savings to law enforcement and the penal system directly related to marijuana usage.

Survey Results (English)

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Study Reveals: Until July 14th Israel Government Keeps Average Israeli's Paycheck

Israel Among Poorest Achievers in Developed Countries With 54 % Of Annual Income Going Into Government's Coffers

On Sunday, July 14th, the Israel will commemorate national "Tax Freedom Day." This calendar date is based on a study carried out by the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies (JIMS) that determines the day on which the average Israeli completes paying off the year's tax burden and begins to earn or save personal expendable income.

The specific date each year is computed based on an internationally accepted formula where all taxes paid to the government (local and national) are then divided by the Net National Income. That figure is then divided by the number of days per year to determine the date.

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High Investment in Education, Low Achievements

Israeli teachers' salaries and investment in education in Israel are higher than the OECD average, but student achievement is lower and the gap between strong and weak students is bigger. Such are the findings of a position paper published June 25 by the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies (JIMS).

"Many believe that teachers' salaries in Israel are low", says Renana Leviani, who authored the paper for JIMS. "However, an international comparison of teachers' salaries relative to the salaries of other college educated workers reveals that the Israeli teacher is actually better paid than teachers abroad."

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Raising Corporate Tax Will Hamper Growth

According to a position paper by the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies (JIMS), the corporate tax rate in Israel is higher than in similar-sized countries such as Sweden, Finland and Switzerland, and does not account for the disadvantages of the business environment for foreign investors

The one percent rise in corporate tax rate planned by the Ministry of Finance will hamper economic growth more than cuts in the government's budget or a rise in other taxes, says a new study by JIMS. According to a position paper the Institute published, an increase in the corporate tax rate may create a significant gap in corporate tax rates between Israel and countries with similar characteristics.

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"What is Seen and What is Unseen" Translated to Hebrew

Fredric Bastiat

Frederic Bastiat's writings are known for the clear and humorous way in which they explain the basic principles of economics. Now, the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies (JIMS) brings for the first time Bastiat's classics to the Hebrew reader.

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Helping the Poor Begins with Measuring Poverty Accurately

The Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies (JIMS) recommends transferring the responsibility for national poverty measurement from the Institute for National Insurance (Bituach Leumi) to a more objective institution, such as the Central Bureau of Statistics or the Bank of Israel. JIMS notes several problems in the information recently published by Bituach Leumi in its annual "Report on the dimensions of poverty and social inequalities" for 2011.

"The report does not provide a reliable picture that policymakers can use to develop the most efficient policy to tackle poverty," says Yarden Gazit, a JIMS research fellow who authored the paper.

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Marijuana Legalization Would Generate Over 1.6 Billion Shekel Annually For Israeli Economy

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End of School Year Report Card for the Education System: High Investment in Education, Low Achievements

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Legalization of Marijuana

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Education System

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JIMS-CSJE Inaugural Lecture by Nobel Laureate Robert Aumann

Virtual Library

The CSJE virtual library contains a large collection of studies touching upon Judaism and Economics. This bibliography is the first resource of its kind in the world.

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British MEP Dan Hannan speaks at JIMS on Israel-EU relations

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